Hungover days and sleepless nights. The smell of gasoline and fast food. The heater burning your shins while staring through dirty glass. Asking yourself, “I really hope I grabbed my backpack.” It’s funny that all of that would add up to years of inspiration for artwork. Traveling with a group of friends back and forth across the country would be the fuel of so much creativity and opportunity for Shaun Logan. A former tour manager and guitar technician for a few bands would help launch his career into the art world. Drawing on walls and occasional friends, would help develop his humor through his concepts and illustrations. Slightly trained in the fine arts, comic books and skateboarding with a pinch of punk rock would be the base to his creative style. The name “Slogan” was a mishap on a run of printed shirts for a band. The period between the S and Logan didn’t print and from that day forward he has been called Slogan.